Electronic sample forms

CoramBAAF publishes health and social report forms for domestic adoption, fostering and substitute care that are widely used throughout the UK. All of these are available on a licence agreement. The forms are produced as Word templates and are sent to licensees by email. The licence allows the agency to retain these forms on agency computer systems, to make them available for agency-wide use, and to pass them on to others working on the agency's behalf (eg, locum workers, health service partners) for the period of the licence, which is one year, renewable annually on 1 April.

The licence stipulates terms and conditions the agencies must comply with, principally that the form's text must be retained in its entirety and can only be amended with CoramBAAF's approval. Changing the template's appearance, by placing the agency logo on the form or changing the font, point size, etc, can be done without asking permission. All forms are copyrighted by CoramBAAF and cannot be used unless the licence has been purchased. Fees are dependent on number of children in care, for local authorities, and on other factors for voluntary adoption agencies or independent fostering providers. CoramBAAF members and members of AFA-Scotland benefit from reduced prices for members, but agencies do not have to be members to obtain a licence. 


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Health forms (UK-wide)   


Fostering and substitute care forms (England)

Adoption forms (England)

Additional resources for use with family assessment forms (UK wide)



Intercountry Adoption

For intercountry adoptions in England, we also publish a Form PAR-ICA, which is included with the licence for the PAR. For health reports on a child in its country of origin, we publish a Form ICA (Intercountry adoption), which is available to purchase here.


Please contact pubs.sales@corambaaf.org.uk if you require forms for Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland.