Your privacy on this website

How we collect and use your data

Our server logs collect data about the pages you visit on our website. We use these logs to monitor the performance of the website and to make improvements. Apart from this data, the only places we collect data from are any forms you choose to fill in on the website, and our shopping basket system.

Forms on the website

The website contains several forms, which you may use to communicate with us. The forms all have a privacy statement, saying how we will use your data. We won't use your data for any other purpose unless you ask us to. If the form is collecting sensitive data (your credit card details, for example), this is done via the secure network of Secpay. See our security page for more details.

The shopping basket

The shopping basket system is currently used just to order publications. It is accessed from the View basket link or when you see the basket icon . You are only using the shopping basket if you click the 'add to basket' button.

Social Media

Content affiliated with the BAAF Facebook page or BAAF Twitter profile may be used on this website.