Making good assessments

A practical resource guide

Written by Pat Beesley
Price: £29.95
Publisher: CoramBAAF
Publication date: 2015
ISBN: 978 1 910039 304
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The must-have guide for everyone involved in ensuring successful placements for children.

Preparing and assessing potential adopters and permanent foster carers is key to a successful placement. But what makes for a good assessment? What are the critical areas that must be covered? How can workers ensure that the assessment process is an enabling and rewarding experience for the applicant?

Making good assessments is a practical resource guide that is both creative and imaginative in its format. This new edition has been comprehensively revised and updated and is designed to help agencies and family-finding services develop their own assessment programmes. It will help to provide knowledge and understanding to underpin assessments; it can be used flexibly within group settings, individual or family discussion; it fits with current thinking and philosophy but allows scope for development; and provides a broad-based foundation that can be built upon for ongoing work.

The major themes, which are presented as eight modules, will enable an exploration and understanding of:

  • attachment, loss and trauma;
  • the motivation to parent and expectations of children;
  • the impact on the family, resilience and survival;
  • parenting capacity;
  • identity and difference;
  • contact and children’s needs;
  • the particular needs of children already in the family;
  • the particular issues arising for applicants from different groups, e.g. single, lesbian and gay, and disabled.

Each module provides a broad introduction to the topic, along with articles and excerpts from experts, and presents a range of imaginative exercises to be used with applicants and children. The guide also contains useful case scenarios that can be referred to as well as a comprehensive bibliography.

This authoritative guide will enable family placement workers to approach their assessments with greater confidence. It will ensure that they address key areas, embrace a holistic approach, and attain high standards. This is an invaluable guide for adoption and fostering workers, panel members, decision makers and those responsible for making successful placements of children.


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