Preparing to Adopt England 2014 - Applicant’s Workbook

A training pack for preparation groups in England

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Edited by Shaila Shah
Publisher: BAAF
Publication date: 2014
ISBN: 978 1 910039 151
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About the book

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Preparing to Adopt is a well-established and highly respected training programme that agencies can use to offer relevant, high quality and comprehensive preparation for people who wish to adopt. This new edition has been revised in the light of a major programme of adoption reform in England, following concerns about delay and consequent changes in the adoption process.

Preparing to Adopt provides agencies with an agreed common curriculum for preparation courses in a format that will allow applicants and agency staff to make practical use of the learning to underpin the assessment. It also enables prospective adopters to have sufficient information to consider what adoption entails for them and for a child; gain an understanding of the needs of children awaiting adoption; learn how they could meet a child’s needs; and decide whether adoption is right for them.

Nine modules are offered including:
• What is adoption?
• The children needing adoption
• The adoption process
• Children’s development and attachment
• The needs of children affected by neglect and abuse
• Becoming a parent through adoption
• Linking, matching and introductions
• Telling, contact and social networking
• Life as an adoptive family – learning to live together

Full of useful information, imaginative exercises, insightful articles and first-hand personal accounts from adopters as well as adopted children and young people, Preparing to Adopt is an accessible, appropriate and easy to use resource that provides an inclusive and comprehensive approach to the preparation process.