Thinking about fostering?

The definitive guide to fostering in the UK

Written by Henrietta Bond
Price: £8.95
Publisher: CoramBAAF
Publication date: 2016
ISBN: 978 1 910039 54 0
Thinking about fostering front cover
About the book

"I can’t imagine where my brother and I would be now without our foster carers. They’ve treated us like their own children – wanted good stuff for us and pushed us to make the best of ourselves – and we’ve both done really well as a result. Although I’m the first to admit we haven’t always been easy to look after."

Craig, young adult, who was fostered

With nearly 64,000 children and young people living in fostering placements in the UK there is an urgent need to recruit more foster carers. This practical guide is aimed at anyone who has ever thought about becoming a foster carer and would like to find out more. Packed with essential information and advice it provides an honest, straightforward and helpful insight into what it really means to look after other people’s children and provide a safe and supportive home.

Thinking about fostering? explores everything a prospective foster carer needs to  know about fostering and what it involves, including the types of children who need to be fostered, why they need a foster home, what happens when a child moves in, and the emotional and practical realities of living together as a foster family.

It clearly sets out the steps involved in becoming a foster carer and includes chapters on:

  • The different types of fostering
  • Who can become a foster carer
  • Approaching a fostering service
  • Preparation and assessment
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Finances and support
  • Regulations and legal requirements

Brought to life with the experiences of foster carers and fostered children, who explain how fostering has changed their lives, this book is essential reading for anyone considering fostering.

The author

Henrietta Bond is a writer, coach and communications consultant who has worked in the field of adoption, fostering and leaving care for nearly 30 years. She has written a number of guides and her trilogy of novels for teenagers, the Control Freak series, came out of her close work with children and young people.


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