Undertaking a Child Assessment (Scotland)

A guide to collecting and analysing information for a Child’s Adoption and Permanence Report (CAPR)

Written by Marjorie Morrison
Price: £14.95
Publisher: CoramBAAF
Publication date: 2016
ISBN: 978 1 910039 564
Undertaking a Child Assessment (Scotland) cover
About the book

A guide that will help assessing social workers in Scotland to plan, conduct and complete a comprehensive and evidence-based assessment of a child using CoramBAAF’s Child’s Adoption and Permanence Report (CAPR) (for Scotland).

This comprehensive guide places the report in the context of relevant policy and practice, with full information about its purpose and background. It then explores the practicalities of completing each section of the CAPR to assess the needs of children. The guide also offers comprehensive advice on using the CAPR for relinquished infants placed for adoption. A wide range of case studies illustrate the practicalities of undertaking assessments and the various issues that workers may face.

Logically structured and accessibly presented, the purpose of this guide is to assist children and family social workers in completing the CAPR by:

  • placing the assessment of the child’s needs in the context of the principles, theoretical framework and concepts underpinning best practice; 
  • offering a structure for completing each section; 
  • suggesting how each element helps to inform the overall picture; 
  • indicating points of cross referencing between sections to help weave together the picture while avoiding unnecessary repetition; 
  • highlighting compatibility with GIRFEC. 

The guide also includes useful checklists and proformas for collecting information, along with guidelines for staff observation, support and supervision of contact, and relevant policy structures such as the Wellbeing Wheel and My World Triangle.

Undertaking a Child Assessment will be invaluable for all those involved in completing CAPRs, and of particular use to those who are new to the task, overwhelmed by it or concerned about covering all necessary aspects.


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