Adopting a child - NEW 2016 EDITION

Written by Jenifer Lord
Price: £8.95
Publisher: CoramBAAF
Publication date: 2016
ISBN: 978 1 910039 53 3
Adoption a Child front cover
About the book

Best seller

With over 60,000 copies already sold, this beginner’s guide is the book for anyone who is thinking of adopting a child in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Now in its 11th edition, the guide has been fully revised and updated to reflect all recent changes to adoption legislation and guidance. It provides essential information and helps explain the process involved in adopting a child or children.

The book describes:

  • The kinds of children who need new families;
  • The reasons why people adopt children;
  • What sort of people adoption agencies are looking for and why;
  • How to go about the adoption process – including the legal aspects and the costs of adopting both in the UK and overseas;
  • Intercountry adoption and adoption of stepchildren;
  • What happens after adoption.

Brought to life with the experiences of people who have been through the adoption process themselves, this book is essential reading for anyone considering adoption.

The author

Jenifer Lord was a Child Placement Consultant for BAAF Southern England. She is the co-author of the CoramBAAF publications Effective Adoption Panels, Effective Fostering Panels and The Adoption Process.


Our Adoption Journey

Jayne Lilley

Perfect for all those thinking about adopting, this is the true story of Jayne, Dan, their son Charlie, and their adoption of Jessie, a baby girl. Our Adoption Journey follows the family from their initial hopeful decision to adopt, to the eagerness and anxiety of preparation groups and meetings with social workers, to the breathtaking moment when they meet Jessie for the first time. But not everything runs smoothly along the way – and even once Jessie joins their family, learning to love and trust each other is something that can’t be rushed.

This is an enthralling, inspirational account of a family’s emotional journey to meeting their new daughter, and growing together as a family. It honestly describes the family’s difficulties and joys, and gives a fascinating insight into the adoption process today.