Attachment for foster care and adoption DVD

Written by Gillian Schofield and Mary Beek
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Publisher: BAAF
Publication date: 2006
Attachment for foster care and adoption DVD Front
About the product

Developed alongside the training programme and handbook of the same name, this DVD has sections that support each module in the training programme, as well as providing a basis for more detailed discussion and learning. It explains core attachment concepts and looks at different dimensions of parenting and their developmental benefits for children. The emphasis is on the positive impact that foster and adoptive parenting can have on even the most troubled children, and on the moment-by-moment interactions of daily family life as a vehicle through which children can be moved towards security.

It includes sequences of parent-child interaction that help to explain attachment formation and attachment concepts. Throughout there is an expert commentary that helps to make connections between attachment theory and the detail of the daily care of children that can promote security and resilience.

The film can also be used flexibly and independently of the training programme, for example, for preparation groups of prospective adoptive parents and foster carers, to support teaching on child development for qualifying or post-qualifying social workers, or with individual foster carers or adopters as a focus for discussion when supporting placements.

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