Could you be my parent?

Adoption and fostering stories

Price: £8.50
Edited by Leonie Sturge-Moore
Publisher: BAAF
Publication date: 2005
ISBN: 978 1 903699 82 9
Could you be my Parent? Front Cover
About the book

What does the process of adoption or fostering involve, for the carers or parents and the child? What is it like to care for a child, and help develop their identity and self-esteem? How does it feel to be adopted?

Could you be my parent? is a book of stories – the stories of children who need a new, permanent family and the stories of people who have welcomed them into their homes. These stories describe, often in people‘s own words, what it‘s like to want to care for someone else‘s child – a child who is vulnerable and often traumatised – and what it‘s like when it actually happens. Children also give their view of adoption, and the part it has played in their lives.

For nearly 15 years, many people, both children and adults, shared their adoption experiences with the readers of the family–finding newspaper Be My Parent. Now, this enthralling anthology gathers together a selection of these informative, often moving accounts to create a fascinating snapshot of the process of adoption and foster care, and the experiences of the carers and children involved.

This collection is essential reading for adopters, foster carers and social services professionals, and for all those considering adopting a child, or simply interested in adoption and fostering today.

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