For children and young people

A Safe Place for Rufus Front Cover A safe place for Rufus
By Jill Seeney

This colourful picture book for young children, aged 4-8 years old, explores the importance of feeling safe and banishing fears.

Featured in the guardian online's Top 10 books about adoption - chosen by adopted children

Adopting a brother or sister Front Cover Adopting a brother or sister
By Hedi Argent

A guide for children and young people, written for the birth children of prospective adopters to explain why their parents might be considering adoption as a way to build their family.

Adoption what it is and what it means Adoption what it is and what it means (Wales edition)
By Shaila Shah

What is adoption? How is adoption different from fostering? How is adoption decided on? How will the right family be found? What happens in court? These and other questions on adoption and what it means are covered in this booklet for children and young people in Wales.