Effective Adoption Panels (7th edition, 2016)

Written by Jenifer Lord and Deborah Cullen
Price: £14.95
Publisher: BAAF
Publication date: 2016
ISBN: 978 1 910039 51 9
Effective Adoption Panels front cover
About the book

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What are the roles and responsibilities of adoption panel members? What laws and regulations determine the functioning of an adoption panel? How can panels improve their work to make better placements?

Effective Adoption Panels is the only guide of its kind. The 2016 seventh edition has been comprehensively revised and updated, and will help panels to make sound and effective recommendations.

It aims to:

  • Inform panel members about their roles and responsibilities;
  • Update them on current legislation and issues of good practice;
  • Help them integrate this work within their own agency context and policies;
  • Equip them with the knowledge, understanding and confidence needed to make appropriate recommendations in the best interests of children;
  • Encourage them to play a full role as individual panel members and to continue to learn more about this task.

The guide is organised into six chapters which focus on: establishing the panel; agency policy and practice issues; considering adoption for a child; families offering placements; matching children and families; and intercountry adoption. Comprehensive appendices include useful supplementary information such as: sample job and person specifications for central list and panel members; sample review formats; and a list of useful books for further reading.

Effective Adoption Panels will be of interest and value not only to new and existing central list and panel members but also to all those who come into contact with the work of panels, particularly social workers, agency managers, committee members, adoptive parents and foster carers, and a wide range of other professionals.


The authors

Jenifer Lord was a Child Placement Consultant for BAAF Southern England. She is the author of the CoramBAAF publications Adopting a Child and The Adoption Process in England, and the co-author of Effective Fostering Panels.

Deborah Cullen was the Legal Group Co-ordinator at BAAF. She has authored several articles and books on child care law.