Listening to children's wishes and feelings - Training programme

Written by Joan Moore and Mary Corrigan
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Publisher: BAAF
Publication date: 2011
ISBN: 978 1 907585 166
Listening to Children's Wishes and Feelings - Training programme Front Cover

About this training programme

Adoption and fostering standards emphasise the need to listen to children's views, wishes and feelings when planning services. For children who have experienced loss and often multiple transitions, feeling heard and understood and having their views taken seriously is particularly important.

Listening to children's wishes and feelings is a training programme which will equip participants with a range of techniques for effective listening and communication with children, including helping children to express themselves and thereby promote a strong sense of identity. It is a four-day or four-session programme, and can be delivered as a whole or in modular form; it is also easily adaptable into a shorter course. Listening to children's wishes and feelings will enable participants to:

  • Better understand how a child's attachment and development are affected by loss, trauma and/or a disrupted childhood
  • Learn about ways in which children communicate their wishes and feelings through action, behaviour and play
  • Help children deal with loss, express emotional needs and manage strong feelings
  • Use reflective listening skills and assessment techniques with children to identify their needs, wishes and feelings
  • Work with children to process difficult past experiences and develop a sense of identity
  • Assist children in processing and recording their life history so they can repair and build resilience
  • Support children as they prepare to move to permanence

This training programme includes a CD-ROM containing Powerpoint presentations and handouts. It is accompanied by a Handbook which includes a CD-ROM containing over 80 strategies, activities and techniques that can be used in direct work with children. Listening to children's wishes and feelings will be an invaluable resource for social workers, adoptive parents and foster carers who are helping children to feel heard and to build resilience and identity.

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The authors:

Mary Corrigan is an Independent Social Worker, Child Care Consultant, Play Therapist and Trainer for several London boroughs and voluntary agencies.

Joan Moore is a Dramatherapist, Play Therapist and an Adoption Support Agency, witha background in social work.


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Includes CD-Rom containing PowerPoint presentations and handouts.