Me and my family

A book for adopted children and their families to get to know each other

Written by Jean Maye
Price: £10.00
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Publisher: BAAF
Publication date: 2011
ISBN: 978 1 907585 371
About the book

Divided into three parts, Me and my family provides space for both the adoptive child and the new family to write and draw about themselves and their feelings as they get to know each and learn to live together. A loose leaf insert for the adopters clearly sets out how the book can be used.

Part One – Introducing Ourselves and Welcoming You – enables the new adoptive family to tell a child all about themselves, their family, their lives and their home. It includes sections on people and pets and has plenty of space for photographs and personal messages. There are also pages for the child to complete, allowing them to express their thoughts and feelings about their move, raise any questions or concerns they may have and say goodbye to their old home and carers.

Part Two – Moving In and Getting to Know Each Other – explores the significant changes and ups and downs that both the child and adoptive family can experience as they start their new life together. It includes sections on settling in, the family tree, likes and dislikes, changes, new friends and neighbours and celebrating Adoption Day.

Part Three – Living Together – provides a record of family life and can be completed whenever something special, significant or memorable occurs. It can be used to capture family celebrations, hobbies, interests and key events as well as plans for the future and the thoughts of both the child and his or her parents on what becoming a family means to them.

Me and my family is a beautiful and easy to use resource which will enable children and their new families to capture and share their experiences of adoption, work through any issues or concerns and plan for a stable and loving future together. A book to treasure!


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'With plenty of space for free expression as well as helpful prompts to guide a child who may be feeing confused but unable to work out why, Me and my family is a realistic and positive book to help children and their families through the emotional process of adoption.'Juno magazine