Multiculturalism, Identity and Family Placement

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Edited by Ann Phoenix and John Simmonds
Publisher: BAAF
Publication date: 2012
ISBN: ISBN: 978 1 907585 62 3
Multiculturalism, Identity and Family Placement Front Cover
About the book

Should white adopters be allowed to adopt black children? What constitutes “ethnic matching”, particularly for children with parents from different ethnic groups? What is the current evidence about placement practice in adoption and fostering? Has the concept of mixed ethnicity produced a new set of issues? In this special edition of our acclaimed journal Adoption & Fostering, experts address these issues head on.  

The Westminster Government’s recent revision of the Adoption Statutory Guidance has reawakened the long-standing and contentious debate on the position of “race”, ethnicity and culture in plans and decisions surrounding children who cannot be cared for by their birth parents. Pronouncements by politicians such as Angela Merkel and David Cameron  that multiculturalism has failed also indicate that this is not just an issue of family placement. The power of adoption to conjure up the image of the colonisation of black children, the denial of the significance of “race”, ethnicity and culture in the development of a secure personal identity, and the fear that white adopters can never understand the realities of institutional and personal racism set the context of the debate.