Remote Control

Written by Henrietta Bond
Price: £8.95
Publisher: BAAF
Publication date: 2013
ISBN: 978 1 907585 814
Remote Control front cover
About the book

Who really has their finger on the button in care leaver Holly Richards’s life? With disaster and emergency seemingly around every corner, can Holly ever take control of her situation and achieve her goals? Or will someone, or something, disrupt her plans – again!

It’s Christmas and Holly just wants to chill with boyfriend Sean, but when he’s whisked away by his demanding mother, Holly’s past seems to be coming back to haunt her. Just when she’s trying to cope with her own mother’s death wish and the disappearance of her birth father, Holly finds herself side-tracked by the reappearance of the boy who nearly killed her brother...

So how will Holly keep her own life on track when she’s left holding her foster sister’s baby, her younger brother Ryan seems determined to harm himself and her care leaver flatmate, Keesh, is cracking up with fears about the future?

Can Holly break old patterns and learn to let other people take control of their lives, so she can get on with hers? As she battles to keep calm amidst the chaos, will Holly be able to take control of her future at last?

Remote Control is the final instalment in the highly successful Control series (which includes Control Freak and Losing Control) and is a must-have read for young people living in and leaving care. It will also appeal to social workers and all those connected with the care system, as well as more general readers. It is intended for young adults and may not be suitable for readers under the age of 13.

The author

Henrietta Bond is a freelance journalist specialising in child care issues. She has written several titles for us, including Losing Control (2012), Control Freak (2010), Ten Top Tips for Preparing Care Leavers (2008) and Ten Top Tips for Managing Contact (2007).

‘A perfect ending to an amazingly well written trilogy.’ Hope Daniels, best-selling author, Hackney Child

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