Updated Recommendation from BAAF regarding E-Cigarettes

Issue date: 23/02/2015

We are continuing to monitor research, discussing the issue regarding e-cigarettes and in light of the latest Public Health England report, which states that “the hazards associated with use of products (e-cigarettes) currently on the market is likely to be extremely low, and certainly much lower than smoking” we are updating our recommendations.

At the next meeting of our Health Group Advisory Committee (HGAC), we will be recommending that agencies now consider e-cigarettes as different to tobacco cigarettes.

Agencies should therefore recognise the low risk to children and not see the use of e-cigarettes as a reason to preclude foster carers or adopters purely on this basis.  Each circumstance should be risk assessed on an individual basis.

The welfare of children is our primary concern and the long term impact of e-cigarettes is unknown. E-cigarettes appear to have positive benefits for smokers when providing them with a route to abstinence and the risk to children from passive smoke is lessened. However, this needs to be balanced against the risk of providing a model for the child of smoking now, or in the future. We will continue to monitor research into e-cigarettes and will continue reviewing our recommendations in line with latest research.