Making good fostering assessments

Two-day workshop

Location: Birmingham

Date: 07 Mar 2017 - 08 Mar 2017


Signing Tree Conference Centre, (located at) The Deaf Cultural Centre, Ladywood Road, Birmingham, B16 8SZ  

Conference time: 10am - 4pm

This two-day workshop will provide an opportunity for panel members/practitioners who may be new to undertaking fostering assessments.  It also provides an opportunity to refresh knowledge skills and practice in completing assessments and to share good practice with colleagues.  


  • To explore best practice in the completion of the Prospective Foster Carer(s) Report (Form F)
  • To understand the need for rigorous checks and references, in assessments.
  • To explore ways of assessing applicants’ motivation to foster.
  • To understand the importance of analysis and the role of “gut feelings” in assessments.
  • To consider the impact of personal values and assumptions on the assessment process.
  • To develop assessment tools and techniques to integrate with current practice.


Contact details

Telephone: 0207 520 2041/43