Adoption Activity Days

Changing Children's Lives

Adoption Activity Days allow prospective adopters to meet a range of children who are waiting to be adopted in a prepared, supported, safe and fun environment.

Adoption Activity Days are an addition to the existing range of family finding and matching practices, and are particularly helpful for children who may be having to wait much longer for permanence.

Considerable time and thought is spent preparing social workers, foster carers and children for being involved in an Adoption Activity Day.

Our specialist team here at CoramBAAF currently delivers Adoption Activity Days across England. Our events have been attended by over a thousand children and prospective adopters.

Last year, more than 300 children were adopted as a result of attending an Adoption Activity Day, where just one day can change a life.

Find out more about our work below, including the latest Adoption Activity Day events in your area and how you can refer a child.

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How Adoption Activity Days Work

Adoption Activity Days allow prospective adopters to interact with children through fun and enjoyable activities, such as arts and crafts, sports and games. Adoption Activity Days are entirely child-centred, predominantly an activity day for children, and the most important factor is that the children have a fun and exciting day.

Specially trained and equipped Child Placement Consultants deliver high quality Adoption Activity Days across England in a variety of accessible and child-friendly venues. Adoption Activity Days may be commissioned by an agency or a group of agencies, or independently run by CoramBAAF.


In order to attend an Adoption Activity Day, the child or sibling group must be referred by his or her social worker or by another professional within the agency. A written profile must also be submitted. There may be a charge if the Adoption Activity Day has not been commissioned by the child's agency.

Prospective adopters

In order to attend an Adoption Activity Day, the prospective adopter must be referred by his or her social worker or by another professional within the agency. Prospective adopters may be referred prior to approval if they are in stager 2 of the assessment process with a positive recommendation. Referrals are free of charge.

Useful information

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Read how to refer children

How to refer prospective adopters

Infomation for prospective adopters

Infomation for children's social workers

Infomation for foster carers

Prospective adopter referral form

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Find an Adoption Activity Day

Here are the latest Adoption Activity Days being held throughout England. We have events programmed across England throughout the year so please contact us if you wish to find out about other upcoming events near you. 

> Saturday 13 May: North West (places for Adopters still availiable)

> Saturday 20 May: East Midlands

> Saturday 10 June: South East

> Saturday 24 June: West Yorkshire

> Saturday 15 July: Midlands (Please note that this is open to adopters to attend if they are interested in attending an event with media presence)

If you have any prospective adopters who would be interested in attending an Adoption Activity Day, or would like further information, please call 0207 520 0302 or email

Commission an Adoption Activity Day

If you think the children in your agency would benefit from an Adoption Activity Day, contact us to discuss the options available to you, which include Mini Adoption Activity Days for 15 children or less. We also offer a range of additional, bespoke services to help your agency to achieve permanence for children in care, including training and advice, Mini Meets (one off meetings between prospective adopters and children who are linked) and a variety of matching services.

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