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>Adoption & fostering support and advice
>Finding adoption and fostering agencies
>Post-adoption and fostering support
>Intercountry adoption
>Tracing, searching and reunions
>Legal aspects of adoption, fostering and child care
>Government and Parliamentary sites
>Standards, regulations and guidance
>Useful resources for people working in adoption, fostering and child care
>Research resources and databases
>Child protection
>Education issues
>Medical and disability issues
>Black and minority ethnic issues
>Refugee and asylum seeking children
>General sites for social workers
>General sites for children and young people
>General sites for parents and carers
>Voluntary sector organisations
>Other child care organisations

Adoption & fostering support and advice

UK organisations

GOV UK (Formerly Directgov) - adoption and fostering information
First4Adoption First4Adoption is a free, dedicated information service for people interested in adopting a child that gives clear, impartial information about adopting in England and can put you in touch with adoption agencies in your area 
Fostering Network (previously called the National Foster Care Association)
Foster Talk - providing professional support, advice and preferential pricing arrangements to foster carers nationwide
Fosterline provides confidential, impartial, advice information and signposting on a broad range of issues of concern to foster carers and those interested in fostering
Fostering Through Social Enterprise - a consortium of 13 voluntary and non profit fostering agencies, across the UK, whose members look after over 2,000 children in care.
Independent Review Mechanism (IRM) - is a review process, with a panel, which prospective adopters can use when they have been told that their adoption agency does not propose to approve them as suitable to adopt a child
New family social - a group for lesbian and gay adopters, and those taking their first steps towards adoption 
TACTprovide fostering or adoptive families for children and they campaign on behalf of children and young people in care, carers, their families and adoptive families 

International websites

International Foster Care Organisation - IFCO is a voluntary organisation committed to the improvement of the quality of service given to children and young people in care and the development of standards for organisations and individual carers.
Allysa Carberry Foster Care Networker, New Zealand - a website run by a foster carer in New Zealand with the aim of providing information to support other foster carers. Includes several useful tookits and leaflets in the Resources section.
Adoptive Families Magazine - information, advice and full text of selected chapters of the annual Adoption Guide
Child Welfare I nformation Gateway - an extensive US Government resource site
North American Council on Adoptable Children - Through education, parent support, research, and advocacy in the U.S. and Canada, NACAC helps to reform systems, alter viewpoints, and change lives
Partners in Foster Care - a national non-profit organization that benefits and supports foster and adoptive families and the children living in their homes.

Finding adoption and fostering agencies

CoramBAAF's database of adoption & fostering agencies - search by name or geographical area

Post-adoption and fostering support

Adoption Support Network of Ireland (ANSI) - aims to advocate equal human and civil rights for those affected by the Irish adoption system and to enable the establishment and maintenance of a peer support network of groups around Ireland and overseas
After Adoption - providing information, counselling, support and groupwork to anyone affected by adoption
PACT (Parents and Children Together) - confidential services for anyone affected by adoption
PAFCA (Parenting Advice for Foster Carers and Adopters) - joins together the expertise of foster carers and adopters with that of professionals to improve the emotional well-being, behaviour and mental health of adopted and fostered children
CASA - is a group of independent Adoption Support Agencies (ASAs) who are registered under the Adoption and Children Act 2002. They provide support services to all parties affected by adoption or long-term fostering throughout the UK.
Fostering Support Ltd – supports foster carers who are facing allegations of abuse or neglect.
Grandparents Plus - An advice service for grandparents and other family members or friends who have stepped in to care for a child who is not their own.
Post Adoption Centre - advice, counselling and family work for those involved in adoption

Intercountry adoption

Children Adopted from China - a support group for families in the United Kingdom who have adopted children from China
Department of Health factsheets - information on adopting from various countries
Intercountry Adoption Centre - provides information and advice to people considering adopting from abroad
International Adoption Association (Ireland) - provides information and support to families involved in adopting children abroad

Tracing, searching and reunions

A list of useful sites can be accessed on the Adoption Search and Reunion website

Legal aspects of adoption, fostering and child care

Adoption, fostering and child care legislation for UK regions and countries

Other useful links

The Hague Convention on Intercountry Adoption 1993 - link to the full text document
United Kingdom Parliament - the World Wide Web service of the UK Parliament offering comprehensive information and links
Hansard Publications - access the text of the daily, fortnightly and bound editions of Hansard
CAFCASS (the Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service) - information on all issues concerning CAFCASS
The Law Commission - news, information, consultation papers and more
NAGALRO (The Professional Association for Childrens Guardians and Children and Family Reporters) - news, information and links
Association of Lawyers for Children - An organisation which promotes justice for children and young people within the legal system in England and Wales
Carelaw - an information site for children and young people in care in England & Wales
Scottish Child Law Centre - aims to promote knowledge and use of Scots Law and children's rights for the benefit of children and young people in Scotland. Offers a free telephone advice service on all aspects of Scots law relating to children and young people, plus publications and training courses.
The Children's Legal Centre - operates a free and confidential legal advice and information service covering all aspects of law and policy affecting children and young people
Child Law Partnership is a firm specialising exclusively in cases involving children and young people, we have developed a strong reputation for expertise and commitment to achieving the best possible outcome, representing clients nationally.


Census 2001 - the official Census 2001 website
Department for Education Care Statistics (England) - links to the various statistical documents on Looked After Children, Adoptions, Care Leavers and Child Protection
Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety statistics on children's social care (Northern Ireland) - links to statistical publications on Adoption, Children in Care, Care Leavers and Child Protection
Fostering Network - a selection of statistics on foster care
General Register Office for Scotland adoption statistics - data adoptions and re-registrations published as part of the Vital Events reports
Marriage, Divorce and Adoption Statistics Series FM2 - select from a list of datasets from the National Statistics Office
Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency - NISRA is Northern Ireland's official statistics organisation and also has responsibility for the registration of births, marriages, adoptions and deaths in Northern Ireland
Scottish Executive statistics on children - links to summary and detailed reports on Children Looked After, Care Leavers and Child Protection
Welsh Assembly Government statistics on social serivces - links to statistical publications on Adoption, Children Looked After by Local Authorities, Children in Need and Intermediary Services

Government and Parliamentary sites

Government departments and units

UK Online - a central source for government information and services
Local Government Association - the national voice for local communities, the LGA speaks for nearly 500 local authorities representing over 50 million people and spending £65 billion a year on local services
Central Government Information for Local Government - a one-stop gateway for local authorities to get quick and easy access to local government-related information that is published on the web sites of central government departments and agencies - see news online or sign up for e-mail alerts
Department for Education and Skills adoption pages - information for anyone involved in or interested in adoption in England
Department of Health consultations register - links to current and closed consultations and published responses to consultations from the last 12 months
Department of Health Circulars/Letters - a list of recent Local Authority Circulars and Social Services Letters
Department of Health Publications - a list of new publications added to publications database in the last 14 days
NHS Live Well - information and case studies about adoption and fostering including advice about adoption support and infertility
Choice Protects - information and resources from the Government's review of fostering and placement services
Sure Start - aims to improve the health and well-being of families and children before and from birth, so children are ready to flourish when they go to school
Area Child Protection Committees - the national website for ACPCs providing address and contact details for local branches
Criminal Records Bureau - the CRB aims to help organisations make safer recruitment decisions, and provides information on their services on this website
Commission for Racial Equality - news, information and advice from the CRE


Parliament - information about the United Kingdom Parliament, the House of Commons and the House of Lords
Directory of MPs, Peers and Offices - provides lists of names and contact details
House of Commons and House of Lords Publications on the Internet - links to debates, Bills, Select Committee Reports, information bulletins and factsheets
Hansard - access to the full text records daily debates in the House of Commons and House of Lords
Members, Ministers and Committees - lots of information on finding MPs, constituencies, how to contact your MP, Select Committee Membership etc

Northern Ireland

North Ireland Executive - the website for the Government of Northern Ireland
The Executive - more information about the background to the Executive with links to Memorandum of Understanding with associated Concordats
Consultations - the Central Consultation Register for Northern Ireland Departments
News releases - index to the NI Executive's news releases by department
What's new - links to news and documents released each day
Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety - the website for the DHSSPS


Scottish Parliament - the official website of the Scottish Parliament offering information, news, contact details, documents and even live webcasts
Scottish Executive - the website for the Scottish Executive
Information about the Scottish Executive - information about the history of the Executive and links to ministers, departments, agencies
News - today's news, plus links to news for previous weeks and media briefings
Children's Services publications - an alphabetical list of links to publications which can be subdivided by categories such as adoption or fostering
Social Work publications - an alphabetical list of links to publications
Consultations - a list of current consultation documents with an online response form
Children and Young People - information about the Children and Young People department


Welsh Assembly - the website for the Welsh Assembly
Public information about the Assembly - lots of information about the background to the Assembly, how it works, what its powers are etc
Adoption & Fostering - the Assembly's pages on adoption & fostering
Children and Young People's pages - an index to the Assembly's Children and Young People's pages
Children and Young People's pages - links to the latest additions to the Children and Young People's pages
Social Care - an index to the Assembly's Social Care pages
Social Care - links to the latest additions to the Social Care pages
Key Publications - links to all Welsh Assembly publications including statistics, proceedings, annual reports etc
Current Consultations - links to current Welsh Assembly consultation papers

Standards, regulations and guidance

Adoption Guidance - England - statutory guidance explains the content of the different sets of regulations made under the Adoption and Children Act 2002, and the duties and responsibilities that they place on adoption agencies
Adoption National Minimum Standards and Regulations - England and Wales (Archive) - NMS applicable to local authority adoption services and voluntary adoption agencies (VAAs) in England and Wales
Fostering Services National Minimum Standards - England - applicable to fostering services whether local authority or independent fostering agencies
National minimum standards for fostering services - Wales - applicable to local authority fostering services, independent fostering agencies, and voluntary organisations providing fostering services
Care planning for looked-after children and care leavers - Regulations and guidance produced by the Department for Education to improve the quality and consistency of care planning, placement and case review for looked-after children and to improve the care and support provided to care leavers.

Government departments, organisations and schemes

The National Care Standards Commission - the website for the new, independent public body set up under the Care Standards Act 2000, to regulate social care and private and voluntary health care services throughout England
Audit Commission - the Audit Commission carries out national research on public sector delivery performance, participates in joint inspections with SSI, Ofsted, SSI (Wales) and Estyn, and is responsible for best value inspection of public services not covered by other statutory inspectorates
Social Services Inspectorate (SSI) - the SSI is a part of the Social Care Group and is made up of SSI Social Care Regions and SSI Inspection Division
PSS Performance Assessment Framework (PAF) introduction to the PAF which is intended to provide information on all the objectives of social services, all types of people receiving social services, all the types of services those people receive and all the aspects of performance in delivering those services. Information is compiled on performance against a set of 50 indicators to which overall individual performance is measured (Archive)
Northern Ireland Social Care Council (NISCC) - an organisation responsible for raising standards in the Northern Ireland social care workforce

Northern Ireland

Social Services Inspectorate - a professional group within the Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety, which supports Ministers, the Department, other Government Departments and agencies working in the field of social care
Northern Ireland Social Care Council - the body responsible for raising standards in the Northern Ireland social care workforce


Social Work Services Inspectorate - information, contacts, standards and publications from SWSI
Care Inspectorate Hub - library of good practice and policy documents, information about legislation developments, event listings and toolkits.


Social Services Inspectorate for Wales - information about the roles and responsibilities of the SSIW
Care Standards Inspectorate for Wales - information about the new comprehensive social and health care regulator in Wales

Useful resources for people working in adoption, fostering and child care

Adopter Recruitment Toolkit - a pack provided by the Government to help adoption agencies recruit new prospective adopters
Adoption Register for England and Wales - the website for the adoption register, providing information, advice and downloadable forms
Area Child Protection Committees - the national website for ACPCs providing address and contact details for local branches
Care and Health - resources and information for people working in the care sector, including recruitment area, extensive policy and law references, daily news, features on professional practice, a database of UK approved social work courses, discussion areas and over 1600 links to other sites.
Council of Irish Adoption Agencies  – a forum for all adoption agencies, both voluntary and statutory, in the Republic of Ireland and meets 3 times a year to consider, address and advocate on best practice in all areas of adoption.
Family Law Newswatch - provides the latest news, cases, legislation, family law jobs and articles.
Leaving Care - has been developed to be of particular use to professionals working with young people in and leaving care
Life Story Works - information and resources on helping children cope with dificult events and guidance on creating a life story book
National Teaching & Advisory Service for Looked After Children - a national education service for Looked After Children and Children In Need
Parenting Education and Support Forum - the national umbrella body for people who work in parenting education and support
The Victoria Climbie Inquiry - the website for the independent, statutory inquiry
SCIE Practice Guide to Fostering - a free online resource that provides quick and easy access to knowledge about foster care practice.

Research resources and databases

CoramBAAF's Research resources

CoramBAAF's Adoption & Fostering Journal – CoramBAAF's quarterly peer–reviewed journal
Projects – details of research projects CoramBAAF is involved in
Publications – adoption and foster care research studies published by CoramBAAF
Research Group – provides opportunities for networking, discussion and dissemination of relevant research
Statistics – summaries of statistics on children in care and adoptions across the UK

Research gateways and publications

Adoption Research Initiative  -  Findings and messages for practice from important government funded research on care planning, matching, support for adoptive placements and the costs of related services.
Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute Publications – a selection of publications which can be freely downloaded, including findings from the 1997 Benchmark Adoption Survey and the 2002 National Adoption Attitudes Survey
intute: social sciences – a freely available Internet service that aims to provide a trusted source of selected, high quality Internet information for students, academics, researchers and practitioners in the social sciences, business and law
Joseph Rowntree Foundation – a list of the research findings published by one of the largest social policy research and development charities in the UK
NSPCC Inform: Research – information and publications on the latest research into child protection, child welfare and related topics
Research Policy & Planning – access to summaries and full text of the journal of the Social Services Research Group
SCIE Research Briefings –accessible summaries of research knowledge in a particular topic published by the Social Care Institute for Excellence

Finding, understanding and using research

CEBSS research skills – a series of guidelines on skills associated with evidence informed practice
Internet Social Worker – a free, interactive tutorial on Internet information skills for social workers
Question Bank (Qb) – a resource for the social science community covering issues about professional social survey data collection, social measurement using surveys, and information about the design of survey questionnaires
What Works for Children Glossary – a list of useful terms for understanding and assessing research

Research Groups

Anna Freud Centre – provides details of the Adoption and Attachment Representations Research Project, which is investigating the development of attachment relationships in children who were previously maltreated and have recently been adopted, and Includes a link to the full text of an article on the use of the Adult Attachment Interview
ADOC Adoptie Driehoek Onderzoeks Centrum – a Dutch research centre that initiates research into the effects of relinquishing children for adoption, adopting a child, and being adopted
CCFR Centre for Child and Family Research – an independent research unit based at Loughborough University. Aims to maintain and develop programmes of research that will inform, influence and support policy and practice for children and families
Centre for Evidence Based Social Services (CEBSS) – the CEBSS was one of the early pioneers of evidence-based practice and was based at the University of Exeter from 1997 – 2004. An archive of CEBSS reports and bulletins is maintained on the ripfA website
Hadley Centre for Adoption and Foster Care Studies – aims to promote best practice in this field by linking research, practice and training in order to provide these children with stable and predictable family experiences
TCRU Thomas Coram Research Unit – a list of the current research work being undertaken by the TCRU, which is part of the Institute of Education, University of London

Free databases

Child Welfare Information Gateway Library – search the catalogue of the Child Welfare Information Gateway - a service provided by the Children's Bureau, Administration for Children and Families in the USA
ERIC (Education Resources Information Center) – provides free access to more than 1.2 million bibliographic records of journal articles and other education-related materials and, if available, includes links to full text
Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institution – a searchable database of abstracts of qualitative and quantitative adoption research conducted and/or published from 1986 to 2000
Google Scholar – a simple search facility for locating scholarly literature
Online Research Bank – a collection of searchable databases containing bibliographies and summaries of research focused on the lives of adults and children in Northern Ireland
PubMed – a service of the National Library of Medicine, providing access to over 11 million MEDLINE citations back to the mid-1960's and additional life science journals
Register of Researchers – a list of researchers available to partner agencies in the Research in Practice network
Research Register for Social Care (RRSC) – a record of ongoing and completed social care research that has been subject to independent ethical and scientific review
reSearchWeb – provides a sound knowledge base on social work and social care practice and policy in Scotland
Social Care Online – the UK's most extensive free database of social care information maintained by SCIE

Child protection

British Association for the Study and Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect (BASPCAN) - a registered charity which aims to prevent physical, emotional and sexual abuse and neglect of children by promoting the physical, emotional, and social well-being of children
BBC Active - the BBC have created a number television programmes suitable for use in Child Protection Training.
Children Are Unbeatable! - an Alliance of more than 300 organisations, including professional and religious bodies, as well as many prominent individuals, which campaigns for children to have the same legal protection against being hit as adults and promotes positive, non-violent discipline
Family online safety institute - an international, independent organization that empowers the public, especially parents, to make informed decisions about electronic media by means of the open and objective labelling of content
National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) - the UK's leading charity specialising in child protection and the prevention of cruelty to children
Stop it Now! UK and Ireland - an organisation which aims to stop sexual abuse of children by by encouraging abusers and potential abusers to seek help and by giving all adults the information they need to protect children effectively

Education issues

A Better Education for Children in Care - a series of fact sheets and guides produced by the Social Exclusion Unit
Centre for Special Educational Needs (SEN) - aims to provide a wide range of advice and materials for teachers, parents and others interested in or working with children with special educational needs
School Matters - Looked After Children links to a video with care leavers sharing their experiences of life in care and school.
The Red Balloon Learner Centre - the only centre in the UK set up specifically to help bullied children by means of a short-term educational programme.

Medical and disability issues

Infertility - information on reproductive health and fertility
CHILD: National Infertility Support Network - provides high quality information and support to those suffering from infertility

Prenatal exposure to drugs or alcohol

Prenatal substance exposure - ten tips for families considering adopting a child who has been prenatally exposed to alcohol or other drugs
FASawareUK - aims to raise awareness about Foetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) and Alcohol Related Neuro-developmental Disorders (ARND), to help reduce the incidence of birth defects caused by prenatal exposure to alcohol and to assist individuals and families struggling with the life-long disabilities associated with FAS/ARND

Overseas adoption

International Adoption Clinic - some medical considerations for people adopting from abroad (produced by the Department of Pediatrics, University of Minnesota


Contact a Family - For families with disabled children and the only UK charity providing support and advice to parents whatever the medical condition of their child
Council for Disabled Children - the Council provides a national forum for the discussion, development and dissemination of a wide range of policy and practice issues relating to service provision and support for children and young people with disabilities and special educational needs
KIDS - a national charity dedicated to helping children and young people with disabilities and special needs develop their skills and abilities and to realise their potential
National Parent Partnership Network (NPPN) - established under the aegis of the Council for Disabled Children to support the work of the parent partnership services
Young Minds - A telephone service providing information and advice for anyone with concerns about the mental health of a child or young person

General health websites

Health for all Children - a source of supporting documentation and references detailed in the 4th edition of the Harlow Printing Ltd publication 'Health for All Children'
NHS Health Development Agency - useful list of links for health professionals

Black and minority ethnic issues

Excellence not Excuses - a Department of Health report on the Inspection of Services for Ethnic Minority Children and Families (Archive)
Future History Campaign - Lambeth Council's campaign site aimed at recruiting more adopters for boys of mixed or Black parentage.  The campaign challenges some of the stereotypes around Black males. The site includes documentaries from real people who have adopted, been adopted or been in care.
IRR Institute of Race Relations News Network - aims to provide professionals in the voluntary sector, activists, students and interested individuals with a rich and dynamic news and information resource on race and refugee issues in the UK and the rest of Europe
Transnational and Transracial Adoption Group (TTAG) - is co-ordinated by and for transnational and transracial adoptees. TTAG aims to offer support and provide a collective national voice to adoptees adopted into families whose racial and cultural heritage is different from theirs.

Refugee and asylum seeking children a site focuses on all matters that concern people seeking asylum, and provides a directory of hundreds of online resources with a special seciton on children
Immigration & Nationality Directorate (IMD) - an information note on unaccompanied asylum seeking children from the IMD which as part of the Home Office is responsible for immigration contral at air and sea ports throughout the UK
IRR Institute of Race Relations News Network - aims to provide professionals in the voluntary sector, activists, students and interested individuals with a rich and dynamic news and information resource on race and refugee issues in the UK and the rest of Europe
Red Cross - trace The British Red Cross International Tracing and Message Services help to restore family links between relatives who have lost contact with each
The Refugee Council - the largest organisation in the UK working with asylum seekers and refugees, giving help and support and working with asylum seekers and refugees to ensure their needs and concerns are addressed
unicef - information and resources on the Convention on the Rights of the Child
UNHCR - The UN Refugee Agency

General sites for social workers

Association of Directors of Social Services - the website for the association which represents all the directors of social services in England, Wales and Northern Ireland
Community Care - the website for the social care magazine with full text of articles
General Social Care Council - the General Social Care Council is the guardian of standards for the social care workforce, with the aim of increasing the protection of service users, their carers and the general public
Information for Social Care: Children's Social Services Core Information Requirements (Archive) a package intended to be of value to all parties responsible for and working with IT systems

General sites for children and young people

Carelaw - an information site for children and young people in care in England & Wales, which covers many topics from your rights in care to what happens when you leave care
ChildLine - lots of advice and details of how to contact ChildLine
Get Connected - A free, confidential helpline service for young people under 25 who need help but don’t know where to turn
Info 4 Care Kidswebsite helps looked after children and young people understand their rights and entitlements while they are in care.
Leaving Care - has been developed to be of particular use to care experienced young people.
National Youth Agency - includes over 1000 information topics and holds contact details for more than 1200 national organisations, including hundreds of built-in web links
Right Here, Right Now - a site from the Who Cares? Trust telling you all you need to know about being in care - aims to offer the best guide to life for young adults, aged 16-25, providing access to quality, impartial information and advice, and the opportunity to get support and empathy from other young people going through similar situations.

General sites for parents and carers

Adoption Life Stories - Create a personalised and illustrated life-story book online for your adopted child.
BBCi Parenting - a BBC website full of information, advice and links on all aspects of parenting
Contact a Family - an organisation dedicated to helping families who care for children with any disability or special need
Disabled Parents Network (DPN) - is a national organisation of and for disabled people who are parents or who hope to become parents, and their families, friends and supporters
Family Rights Group - an organisation working in England and Wales which supports children and families involved with social services by advising families and working with service users, practitioners, researchers and policy makers
Fatherhood Institute - the UK's national information centre for fatherhood
LGBT Parents - connects LGBT parents and parents-to-be so as to provide support, facilitate networking and organise meet ups to show our children similar families.
L Group Families - supporting lesbian parents and lesbians wanting to become parents
Lesbian and gay parenting issues - information and references from Stonewall is a meeting point for parents, with advice and support.
Parentline Plus - Now Family Lives - a registered charity which offers information, support and a freephone helpline to anyone who parents a child
Raising Kids - a website designed to offer support, information, and friendship to everyone who's raising kids - whatever their circumstances.
Save Every Step - create a family history for your adopted child using pictures and narrative  

Voluntary sector organisations

Consortium of Voluntary Adoption Agencies (CVAA) is a membership organisation for the voluntary adoption agencies in the UK.
Children England - the umbrella organisation for voluntary child care organisations in England
National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO) - the umbrella body for the voluntary sector in England
National Council for Voluntary Youth Service - the independent voice of the voluntary youth sector in England
Northern Ireland Council for Voluntary Action (NICVA) - the umbrella body for voluntary, community and charitable groups in Northern Ireland
Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations (SCVO) - the umbrella body for voluntary organisations in Scotland
Wales Council for Voluntary Action (WVCA) - the voice of the voluntary sector in Wales

Other child care organisations

Child Bereavement Trust - provides specialist training and support for professionals who work with bereaved families, and produces resources and information for bereaved children and families and the doctors, nurses, midwives, teachers and those in the voluntary sector who help them
Barnardo's - working to help the most vulnerable children and young people transform their lives and fulfil their potential
Catholic Children's Society (Westminster) - supports all children and families in need, regardless of religious background and ethnic origin
Child Rights Information Network - contains references to hundreds of reports, recent news and upcoming events, as well as details of organisations working worldwide for children
Children in Scotland - the national agency for voluntary, statutory and professional organisations and individuals working with children and their families in Scotland
Children in Wales - the national umbrella children's organisation in Wales
Children With Aids Charity (CWAC) - aims to help the youngest of those infected or affected by HIV and AIDS, by working towards a future without prejudice for these children and their families
The Children's Society - works to tackle the root causes of problems faced by children and young people
Action for Children - one of the UK's leading charities for vulnerable children and young people
Save the Children Fund - the UK's leading international children's charity, working to create a better future for children
Voice - voluntary organisations working and campaigning for children and young people in public care