Upcoming Conferences

03 Jul 2017
9.25am – 5.15pm

CoramBAAF Health Group


Recent research has demonstrated that various adverse antenatal and childhood experiences have a long lasting impact not just on childhood development but also long term health and social outcomes. This conference will explore the contribution of neuroscience and mediating factors such as genetics and epigenetics to understanding the developmental consequences of maltreatment. Issues such as predisposing factors to current and future development of the child and how to understand the manifestations of these factors...

12 Jul 2017
10.00am - 4.00pm


Research into adoption disruption has revealed the extent of child to parent violence in adoptive households, and inquiry into the death of a foster carer in Scotland at the hands of a foster child has highlighted similar issues in fostering. Recent data shows that annually there are over a thousand incidents of restraint in foster care in England.

In all forms of family placement, there is range of evidence - research and anecdotal - to indicate that difficulties in managing the aggression and violence of troubled children and young people impact on the...