Managing transitions for looked after children

This course aims to consider how children experience change and transition and how foster carers and professionals can help children move on in a positive way. It also explores the importance of communicating with children before, during and after the transition process.

The course content has been developed with reference to the latest research, legislation, standards and good practice and the delivery of knowledge and skills is designed to take account of a wide range of different learning styles.

Learning outcomes will include participants being able to:

  • Describe a range of proven, practical ideas and strategies for moving children to another placement, be that short- or long-term fostering, kinship care or adoption;
  • Understand and overcome some of the common difficulties that can arise during the transition process;
  • Apply an approach which consistently focuses on the needs of the child;
  • Identify the different, yet crucial roles, that the various parties involved in moving children on can play in making this process a success.

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