As the independent membership organisation for social work professionals and agencies who work with children in care we want to listen to our members and speak up for them.

Our network of special interest groups and advisory committees disseminates practice knowledge and collects members’ views. This enables us to support our members by advocating on their behalf to Government, and ensure that their voices are heard in the development of legislation, policy and practice.

What do groups and committees do?

Our multidisciplinary groups and advisory committees facilitate discussions about new policy and practice issues and encourage member involvement in changes to the sector. They enable us to engage with our members and respond to key policy and practice developments.

Committees and groups cover a variety of areas, such as fostering, health or research. Some are open to members, others are closed.

Special interest groups - open to all CoramBAAF full member agencies

Advisory committees – membership by invitation / nomination only

Practice Forums

Our Practice Forums provide an opportunity for CoramBAAF members to share practice knowledge, expertise and local issues in a professional and supportive atmosphere. The forums are spread across England and generally meet every quarter, bringing together lead consultants, senior practitioners, team managers and services managers in fostering and permanency. They are co-ordinated by CoramBAAF consultants or associates, who also ensure that members are kept up-to-date with current practice, training opportunities and recent publications. 

Our Practice Forums include:

  • Adoption and Fostering
  • Adoption Panel Chairs
  • Adoption and Fostering Panel Advisers
  • Black Workers
  • Fostering
  • Health

If you are interested in attending any of these Practice Forums, please contact CoramBAAF Practice Forums [email protected] with the name of the Practice Forum in the subject line.