Over 90,000 children are in the care system in the UK. Many of them have been neglected and/or abused in their birth families and most of them have experienced trauma arising from their difficult experiences, disrupted childhoods and the consequent loss when they have to be separated from their birth families. Many will return to their parents if things can change so that the children will be safe and secure with them. Many others will stay in foster care or live with friends or family members, many of whom will become special guardians. For a small number, the plan will be adoption.

Whatever legal order is most appropriate, these children need the love, stability and opportunities that family life can offer. They need a secure base from which they can experience and form positive new attachments. Many also need additional support to help unlock their potential and grow to be the happy and productive citizens of tomorrow.

CoramBAAF is committed to securing the best futures for these children, and that is core to everything we do.