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Making good assessments + Undertaking checks and references - only £30



Until 30 June 2018 you can buy Making good assessments together with Undertaking checks and references in fostering and adoption assessments for just £30 (usual combined price £44.90).

Making good assessments

Preparing and assessing potential adopters and permanent foster carers is key to a successful placement. This authoritative guide will enable family placement workers to approach their assessments with greater confidence. It will ensure that they address key areas, embrace a holistic approach, and attain high standards.

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Undertaking checks and references in fostering and adoption assessments

The assessment of foster carers and adopters is amongst the most important aspects of family placement work. Undertaking checks and references is key to these assessments, and a core task for social workers. This Good Practice Guide details the range of checks routinely undertaken across the UK. 

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The chapters, modules and tasks are clearly structured and this allows this guide to be accessible to both practitioners and potential carers. The overriding purpose here is to provide applicants with the strategies that are appropriate to maximising their understanding of the assessment process and beyond. It is, therefore, useful for practitioners who need accessible resource for carers. The guide helps to highlight, and resolve, some of the practical tensions that practitioners and carers often face in the assessment process. (Review of 'Making Good Assessments'.)

Lydia Brown, Social Work Practitioner, Wakefield Metropolitan District Council Practice 26:4