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Supporting the mental health of looked after and adopted children + Parenting a child with mental health issues


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Supporting the mental health of looked after and adopted children

Mental health difficulties can affect children and adults from all walks of life – but unfortunately, looked after and adopted children are more likely to be affected, often due to their difficult early experiences. Social work professionals do a valuable yet challenging job of supporting these children, but the area of mental health can feel like a complex labyrinth. With demands on health and social care increasing, and a new emphasis being placed on the importance of children’s mental wellbeing, how can workers encourage good mental health? What support is available from CAMHS? And what conditions are most common in looked after and adopted children?

This guide translates the theoretical concepts and research about children’s mental health into straightforward language and practical advice. Taking a holistic and attachment-focused approach, it demonstrates how to understand children’s background and current events, rather than focusing on diagnostic criteria and labels.

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Parenting a child with mental health issues

This book is part of CoramBAAF’s Parenting Matters series which explores many of the health conditions commonly diagnosed in looked after children. This book focuses on mental health issues.

If you are looking to adopt a child, this guide will give you practical and realistic information on what this condition may mean for your child, along with their symptoms, prognosis and treatment. It provides expert knowledge coupled with facts, figures and guidance presented in a straightforward and accessible style.

Adopters also describe what it is like to parent children with mental health issues, sharing their parenting experience and useful advice.

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