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Ten top tips for finding families PDF ONLY


This quick reference guide explores the important issue of recruiting new carers and welcoming a wide range of permanent families. Written in an accessible and straightforward style it provides a breadth of information and advice that will provide social workers with a framework for best practice in family-finding.

Who is this book for?

The guide will be particularly useful for newly qualified social workers or social workers new to working in the UK. Established practitioners will be able to use the book to reinforce their practice, for quick reference and to source fresh ideas for recruitment strategies.

What you will find in this book

Each of the ten chapters presents a basic “tip” in an accessible and straightforward style, including:

  • recruiting widely
  • targeting efforts
  • welcoming a diverse group of people
  • preparing and training families
  • assessing applicants thoroughly
  • knowing the child
  • making realistic plans for each child
  • producing high quality material about children
  • featuring children in a variety of ways
  • making a good match

The book also looks at new methods of family-finding, including exchange days and DVD/video profiling events aimed at linking children with prospective carers. Throughout issues are discussed and pragmatic suggestions are made about improving the effectiveness of family-finding. Each chapter contains a summary of the tips for easy reference.


Jennifer Cousins worked as a disability consultant for BAAF.

This book is out of print. It can be downloaded free by CoramBAAF members from the members’ area of the website. The pdf file can be purchased by non-members.