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Carer held health record

| Elaine Greaves, Gill Appolinari and Carol Watson

The Carer held health record is designed to be kept confidentially by the adults caring for a looked after child and, most importantly, to accompany a child when he or she moves on to another placement or returns home.

Children exposed to parental substance misuse

| Edited by Rena Phillips

Many child protection cases today involve parental substance misuse. This collection provides a solid foundation for child care social work today, providing practitioners with the knowledge they need to understand the effects of parental substance misuse on children and how this, in turn, should affect how they plan for, assess, place and support those children.

Children's special needs


This Advice Note explores some of the special needs that children who are being looked after or adopted may have, and how these may affect their day-to-day lives.

Dealing with Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder

| Mary Mather

This authoritative Good Practice Guide is an essential read for all those working with or looking after fostered and adopted children who may be affected by Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) to help ensure that they provide the support these children need to reach their full potential.

Evaluating obesity in substitute carers PDF ONLY

| Mary Mather and Karen Lehner

Obesity is an escalating health problem in many countries, including the UK. Obesity is also a contentious area of practice, and for social workers involved in the assessment of applicants to foster and adopt it is just one of the many important issues to be considered, and can be very challenging.

Exploring infertility issues in adoption PDF ONLY

| Ian Millar and Christina Paulson-Ellis

Many people considering adoption, both couples and single people, will have experienced infertility - in fact, it is frequently a central motivating factor behind an adoption application. This practice guide explores how best to approach this subject with prospective adopters, what topics to consider in the assessment process, and how the experience of infertility can affect adoption applicants.

Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders

| Multiple

In this special edition of the journal, experts tackle the realities of FASD and answer key questions, including: how does prenatal exposure to alcohol affect the developing brain?; how much (or little) is the problem understood by professional groups?; what are the experiences of community paediatricians, teachers and adoptive parents working on the ground?; and why does UK policy on abstinence from alcohol in pregnancy lag so far behind that of other countries?

Form AH (pack of 50)


Comprehensive health report on prospective applicants for fostering / adoption / intercountry adoption / special guardianship / short break / respite care / other care. NOW ONLY AVAILABLE ON ELECTRONIC LICENCE

Form AH (single copy)


Comprehensive health report on prospective applicants for fostering / adoption / intercountry adoption / special guardianship / short break / respite care / kinship care / other care.

Single copies are sold to personal applicants only - agencies should buy packs of the forms (see link lower down page).

My brother Booh has ADHD

| Susan Yarney

This short booklet for children is part of a series designed to teach children about a range of health conditions common to many looked after children. This story about ADHD will be helpful for any child aged seven to 11 who finds it difficult to stay still or pay attention or whose behaviour frequently gets them into trouble. It will be equally useful for a child who knows someone with ADHD.