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Effective fostering panels 2019 edition

| Sarah Borthwick and Jenifer Lord

What are the roles and responsibilities of fostering panel members? What regulations and standards determine the functioning of a fostering panel? How can panels implement best practice to improve their work and make better placements? Effective fostering panels answers these and many other questions.

Effective adoption and fostering panels in Scotland

| Marjorie Morrison

What are the roles and responsibilities of adoption and fostering panel members? What laws and regulations determine how these panels function? How can panels help to make better placements? This book answers these and many other questions and is the first and only definitive guide for members of both adoption and fostering panels.

Effective adoption panels

| Jenifer Lord, Deborah Cullen

Effective adoption panels provides guidance on the roles and responsibilities, as well as the laws and regulations, connected to adoption panels. It is the only guide designed to help panels make sound and effective recommendations.

Thinking of joining an adoption panel?

| Sarah Borthwick and Marion Hundleby

This pamphlet provides advice and information for anyone thinking of joining, or about to join, an adoption panel in England.