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Attachment for foster care and adoption DVD

| Mary Beek and Gillian Schofield

This DVD accompanies the handbook and training programme of the same name, and supports each module in the training programme. The programme will provide workers and carers with a framework both for understanding the thinking and behaviour of the children in their care and for helping children to settle and flourish in their family placements.  

Searching questions DVD

| Julia Feast

What propels some adopted people to search for the information about and make contact with their birth family, and some others not to? What does it feel like for an adopted person not to know about their origins? This DVD provides answers to these searching questions. It presents the experiences of ten adopted people, some of whom searched and others decided not to.

Finding a way through

| Kate Cairns and John Simmonds

This compelling film, which features the author Kate Cairns in conversation with Dr John Simmonds, reflects on and analyses some of the tasks and challenges involved in the day-to-day parenting of children who have experienced abuse and trauma.

Preparing to adopt DVD

| Barbara Hutchinson, Ian Millar, Pat Beesley and Sushila de Sousa

This established and highly-respected adoption training programme sets out a far-reaching and inclusive approach to preparing adopters. This edition of the programme meets the legislative requirements for both procedure and practice in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. The DVD is designed to accompany the training pack and applicant's handbook and to be used in adoption preparation training.