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Welcome to our family

| Roger Chapman

This unique board game has been designed for use with families with children who are going through the application process to become foster carers. The game traces a journey through a town, starting from a social services office and finishing at a foster home, with a range of fun, interesting and challenging questions to answer along the way.

The bears

| Russell Deal

The bears is a delightfully simple tool that can help build conversations about feelings in countless ways. The 48 colourful, cartoon bears depicted on the cards have universal appeal. Their facial expressions and body language convey a range of feelings. As there are no words on the cards they are extremely accessible to young children and those with literacy or language difficulties. As a tool The bears cards cross cultural, language, literacy, racial, age and gender barriers.

Strength cards for kids

| Russell Deal

This clever, yet simple card set is designed specifically to help primary school aged children to identify, name and celebrate their inherent strengths, qualities and abilities. Each of the 40 hardwearing, laminated, full colour cards use vibrant illustration and gentle humour to express a particular strength.

Strength cards

| Russell Deal

Often the most powerful way to solve a problem is to start with what we already do well, and everyone needs these reminders. These cards are ideal for recognising inner strengths, building values and developing self-esteem. They can help children, young people and families to use their strengths at times of change, conflict, worry or stress.