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Completing a child's permanence report

| Elaine Dibben with Lyn Bugarski, Nicky Probert and Julia Wilson

This guide is designed to help social workers to manage and complete a comprehensive and evidence-based permanence report for a looked after child. It is to be used by assessing social workers to complete a Child’s Permanence Report using the CoramBAAF Form CPR (for England).

Complying with the GDPR and DPA 2018

| Paul Adams and Leonie Jordan

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Data Protection Act 2018 require services, including fostering services, to ensure that they hold and process personal information safely and securely. This Good Practice Guide will give local authorities and independent fostering services in England confidence about how best to comply with the requirements around data protection.

Concurrent planning

| Sarah Borthwick and Sharon Donnelly

This Good Practice Guide considers aspects of concurrent planning which will be vital knowledge for practitioners and managers considering adding to their placement options for children in care, or expanding an existing service.

Contact after adoption

| Elsbeth Neil, Mary Beek and Emma Ward

Contact after adoption presents the comprehensive findings of a longitudinal study that followed up a group of adopted children, their adoptive parents and birth relatives, where some form of post-adoption contact was planned. This study makes an important contribution to the existing research on contact and offers invaluable practice recommendations.

Contact after adoption summary

| Elsbeth Neil, Mary Beek and Emma Ward

Decisions about contact between an adopted child and their birth family are an essential part of the child’s placement plan and need to take into account the child’s welfare. It is therefore essential to understand how contact affects adopted children throughout their lives. This short book presents a summary of the findings of the Contact after Adoption study, which followed up a group of adopted children, their adoptive parents and birth relatives, where some form of post-adoption contact was planned.

Contact in adoption and permanent foster care

| Edited by Elsbeth Neil and David Howe

This book gathers together the latest thoughts and research findings of many of the leading authorities on the subject of contact in adoption and permanent foster care. By looking at both infant and older child placements and the varying characteristics of permanent carers and birth relatives, the authors provide a comprehensive analysis of contact, when and when not to recommend it, and the demand to keep firmly in mind at all times the developmental needs of children.

Contact: if your child is being adopted


This Advice Note provides basic, clear information about contact for those whose child has been, or is about to be, adopted, with details about what to expect.