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Adopted children speaking PDF ONLY

| Caroline Thomas and Verna Beckford

If you really want to learn about children's wishes and feelings about adoption and their experience of it, this book is for you. Bringing together views collected as part of a wider research project, this book gives voice to the perspective of children themselves on their adoption. Full of moving and poignant testimonies, it provides revealing insights into what children and young people themselves think and understand about adoption.

Bruce's multimedia story

| Celia Beckett

This unique computer based counselling tool for use in child care helps children to talk about life experiences by relating to Bruce, “the spaniel sort of dog”. Bruce’s multimedia story is based on the best selling Bruce’s story and raises the same issues about identity and change as the original book.

Hoping for the best - Jack's story

| Sheila Byrne and Leigh Chambers

When children are separated from their birth families, part of their very self is in jeopardy. They need help to make sense of their experiences and individual history. This story will help children who have experienced a disruption - an adoption that did not work out.

Adopters on adoption PDF ONLY

| David Howe

How does it feel to care for someone else's child? How do adopters feel about birth parents? What is the balance of influence between children's inherited characteristics and the way they are raised? This absorbing collection of personal stories gives voice to adopters' experiences, thoughts and observations about adoption.

A child's journey through placement

| Vera I Fahlberg, MD

Separation, loss, grief and change are expected parts of the experience of children in placement. How do those charged with the responsibility of planning for these children address their needs? This essential reference book - a 'must-read' text for more than 20 years - contains the theoretical knowledge base and skills necessary for understanding, working with and planning for children and their families.