Covid-19 is one of the most significant threats to have occurred to the human species in generations. As an unpredicted and unexpected threat, it poses fundamental questions about the protection and survival of individuals and societies across the world.

Public services are essential in providing protection to individuals – especially the health service. But there are many other services that play a significant part in providing safety and support and that includes children’s services. Their duties and responsibilities focus on children in need, children in need of protection and those who cannot be cared for by their birth parents. This includes child placement services and specifically foster care, adoption and special guardianship.

The sector is faced with a wide range of challenges in delivering these services with an explicit child centred focus. At the best of times, these are complex and challenging questions but Covid-19 has escalated these without warning.

We are aware that CoramBAAF members and others are awaiting news of regulatory changes and guidance to assist the sector during this pandemic. The Coronavirus Act 2020 is now in force but has nothing specific in relation to fostering and adoption regulations. CoramBAAF remains in discussion with the DfE and once more is known about changes or suspension of regulations, we will work with others to produce practice guidance, advice and resources and will update our website accordingly.

The information in this section sets out guidance on a range of issues - adoption, fostering, family placement, health and legal. We know that they are only part solutions to be implemented by a wide group of professionals and other people who are under the most severe of pressures. We will learn more along the road to recovery and the web site will be continually up-dated to reflect this.

Our very best wishes to you all. And take care.