Version 1: 5 August 2020 (PDF version)


Ellie Johnson, CoramBAAF Health Consultant

It is recommended that prospective adopters ask their own GP to complete the medical report required for the adoption application process. The adoption agency will supply the applicants with a standard report form (as agreed locally) and explanatory letter to present at their surgery. See example letter here.

If a GP informs applicants that they are unable to complete a report, we recommend taking the following steps:

  1. Adopters inform agency
  2. Agency contacts GP surgery to establish reasons why request declined. Ensure GPs are aware of importance of report and that they are aware that, if necessary, a report can be completed via video consultation. Emphasise that the report is important in the context of safeguarding children. Check there is no confusion over fees to be paid.
  3. If continued issue, agency to contact their medical adviser
  4. Medical adviser could contact the designated DR for LAC in the CCG area for the GP surgery. Establish if a local agreement has been reached in the area regarding completion of medical reports during the current period. The CCG GP lead for safeguarding may be able to assist in liaising with GPs either via direct contact or via the Local Medical Committee (LMC)
  5. Medical Adviser or Designated DR LAC contact surgery to discuss resolution.
  6. If after following these steps GP still unable to complete adoption medical report, agency to inform [email protected], Health Consultant at CoramBAAF who will provide further advice.