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Agency decision makers: Their role and responsibilities for fostering and permanency panels


Decision makers in fostering and adoption agencies have a vital but often under-explored role. Many decision makers describe finding themselves in the role with little or no preparation, and with few arenas locally to share dilemmas or discuss best practice. What is the best process for reaching a sound decision? How can you avoid it simply becoming a ‘rubber-stamping’ exercise? What is your role in relation to the quality assurance of the panel’s activities? How should a decision maker appraise a panel chair? What does a reasonable decision look like? How should it be conveyed?

Statutory guidance and standards for adoption and fostering services have a good deal to say about the agency decision maker role and the decision making process. Based on the very latest guidance and research, this workshop will explore these issues and dilemmas and provide useful templates for self-audit and future decision making.


Practice Note 70: The Fostering Decision-Maker (England) (available to members only)


Agency decision makers or those anticipating taking on an agency decision making role.

20 places available.


By the end of the day participants will have:

  • Developed a good working knowledge of the implications of some of the most significant recent judgements related to agency decision making;
  • Reflected upon the process of decision making in the context of the fostering, adoption and permanency legislative framework;
  • Considered ways to ensure that the basis of the decision making is sound, and how to ensure decisions are communicated effectively;
  • Reflected on quality assurance issues including quality of minutes.


Jacqui Lawrence* - CoramBAAF Trainer Consultant
*Facilitator subject to change


Registration 9.30 am – 9.55 am
Start 10.00 am*
Close 4.15 pm*
Refreshments/lunch provided

*Times subject to change


Full or associate CoramBAAF member £105.00 + £21.00 VAT - Total £126.00

Individual CoramBAAF member £85.00 + £17.00 VAT - Total £102.00

Non-member £130.00 + £26.00 VAT - Total £156.00

Adopters/Fosters carers £85.00 + £17.00 VAT - Total £102.00

Student discount for all fees - 20%


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