Learning from RAAs - What does the future look like?

A FREE CONFERENCE FOR CORAMBAAF FULL MEMBER AGENCIES ONLY. Two free places per agency, places are limited and allocated on a first come, first served basis

The first RAAs were established in 2017 and over the last 2 years a number of other RAAs have gone live with the final RAAs are expected to go live in early 2020. This conference will provide an overview of progress to date and showcase some of the practice initiatives now being established in RAAs so we can start to explore how this new system will be able to achieve the ambitions identified at the outset - targeted and efficient recruitment of adopters; speedier matching with a larger more diverse pool of adopters; and an improved range of adoption support services.

Presentations and stalls

In addition to speakers looking at the progress of the RAA initiative, RAAs and VAAs will be presenting on a particular area of practice they have developed or providing a stall showcasing the work of their RAA for participants to visit during breaks.

Who should attend?

The event will be aimed at managers, adoption social workers and panel members in the RAAs, managers and social workers in VAAs and key staff in LAs who will be working with the RAAs – childcare managers and social workers, IROs and legal advisers.

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