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Making good adoption assessments - two day workshop




This two-day workshop will provide practitioners and particularly those who may be new to undertaking adoption assessments with an opportunity to develop knowledge, skills and practice in completing adoption assessments. Practitioners will be enabled to consider thorough, rigorous, consistent and fair approaches across the service in the assessment of prospective adopters. This workshop may also provide a refresher for those wanting to reflect and build on knowledge skills and best practice in the completion of adoption assessments.

Book a place on this workshop and our popular complimentary publication Undertaking an adoption assessment in England by Elaine Dibben is available to take home from the workshop.


Adoption social workers (particularly those new to adoption assessments), adoption team managers and adoption panel members who may wish to understand the assessment process in more detail.

25 places available.


  • To explore best practice in the completion of the Prospective Adopter’s Report (PAR)
  • To practice and develop an integration of critical assessment tools and techniques within adoption assessments and current best practice
  • To explore ways to consider prospective adopters in terms of their capacity to look after children in a safe and responsible way that meets the child’s needs
  • Apply learning in the context of the legal framework
  • To develop critical thinking and reflective practice in the completion of adoption assessments
  • To consider ways of identifying prospective adopter’s competencies and strengths and areas they have or will need to develop


Roana Roach - CoramBAAF Trainer Consultant

*Facilitators subject to change


Registration 9.30 am – 9.55 am Start 10.00 am Close 4.00 pm

Refreshments/lunch provided


Full or associate CoramBAAF member £203.00 + £40.60 VAT - Total £243.60

Individual CoramBAAF member £163.00 + £32.60 VAT - Total £195.60  

Non-member £243.00 + £48.60 VAT - Total £291.60

Adopters/Fosters carers £163.00 + £32.60 VAT - Total £195.60 

Student discount for all fees 20%


Telephone 020 7520 2041/43


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