The role of Fostering for Adoption in achieving early permanence for children - CoramBAAF conference




Fostering for Adoption (FfA) was introduced in England by the Government five years ago and like concurrent planning is designed to reduce the number of moves a child may experience prior to being permanently placed, and to enable significantly earlier attachments to develop between children and their permanent carers. FfA can be complex in practice and local authorities need to ensure that they have the right systems and processes in place so that children can benefit from early permanent placements.

This conference will highlight best practice in this area, consider some of the challenges in matching children and provide guidance on managing some of the challenges local authorities and adoption agencies may experience.


This conference will consider:

  • what needs to happen to ensure that early permanence is an option for all children where adoption is being considered
  • best practice in recruiting, assessing and supporting Fostering for Adoption carers
  • identity issues – how the core issues of the child’s developing identity might be addressed in matching
  • working with the courts and cafcass to progress the use of Fostering for Adoption
  • learning from an outcomes study of concurrent placement
  • areas of developing practice through workshop sessions


Local authority and voluntary adoption agency social work managers and practitioners in adoption and childcare teams, independent reviewing officers and children’s guardians.

Read more about FFA and how this conference can benefit you in this interview with Elaine Dibben.


Dr John Simmonds OBE, Director of Policy, Research and Development, CoramBAAF Adoption & Fostering Academy


Clea Barry, Children's Guardian, Cafcass
Alexandra Conroy Harris, Legal Consultant, CoramBAAF
Elaine Dibben, Adoption Development Consultant, CoramBAAF


9.30 Registration and refreshments

10.00 Welcome and introduction by chair
Dr John Simmonds OBE

10.10 Achieving best practice in offering Fostering for Adoption placements for children
Elaine Dibben

10.45 The experiences of Fostering for Adoption carers
Facilitated by Elaine Dibben

11.00 Do we need to address a child’s identity development in the match for an early permanence placement?
Dr John Simmonds OBE

11.30 Refreshment break

12.00 Working with the courts
Alexandra Conroy Harris

12.30 The experience of Fostering for Adoption from a Cafcass perspective
Clea Barry

1.00 Questions to speakers

1.10 Lunch

2.15 Outcomes of concurrent planning – summary of findings
Speaker to be announced, Coram

2.45 Workshop session

Workshop 1 – Care planning for children
Workshop 2 – Preparing, assessing and supporting
Fostering for Adoption carers

3.45 Feedback from workshops and discussion

3.55 Chair’s closing remarks

4.00 Close


Registration 9.30am
Start 10.00am
Close 4.00pm

Refreshments/lunch provided


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Individual CoramBAAF member
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