Danny, a teenager from Scotland, tells his adoption story.

My life did not start well, but as I am writing this story, events over the past few years have changed my life forever.

When I was five I was put into foster care because my birth mum had been drinking alcohol and had been in trouble with the police. She had her chances to keep my brother Grant and me, but she let us down time and time again. I never knew how long I would be there for. The two years I was there seemed really long; I was always wondering when I would get my mum back again, but that never happened.

One day my social worker came to the house and informed us that they would be looking for a 'forever' mum and dad for me and my brother. I spent most of my days intrigued about what they would be like and whether they would turn out to be like my birth mum. We had settled into our foster home and I didn’t want my brother and me to be put back into the same life we had escaped from two years earlier. I felt very excited but yet nervous at the same time. I was very relieved that my brother and I wouldn’t be split up.

Now I understand, all these years down the line, that I didn’t really know what the journey was going to be like. I look back and realise that all my fears were natural and the changes were for the better.

Meeting my adoptive mum and dad for the first time was very nerve-wracking because I didn’t think they would like me. We went to the park on that first visit; it was good to share the excitement with the strangers who would become my mum and dad. Grant called them Mum and Dad on that first visit but I didn’t feel ready yet. I still hoped that my 'real' mum would come back and get me.

When we first moved in, my brother was always testing my mum and dad by misbehaving. He finally started to settle down and realise that we had moved on and that we had a new chance in life. Mum and Dad bought us loads of new toys and clothes. We got to see all the other relatives. My new granny had made us a cake to welcome us to the family, but we never got a piece because we left and forgot about it. I always remember about that when I visit her. It always makes me laugh!

We moved house during the first year we were with our new mum and dad, to a house instead of a flat. I thought our house was one of the nicest in the street. I was glad to have my own room. We went on a surprise holiday to Corfu. We have also been to Florida three times. The most recent holiday we have been on was to the Dominican Republic and Florida with all the family, including my gran, granddad, aunties, uncles and my cousin.

The things that were bought for us and the holidays we have been on aren’t to boast. It is about my mum and dad working hard to be able to afford these nice things. Our family is all about respect and love for one another.

I wouldn’t change what has happened over the years for all the money in the world because I have the best mum and dad ever.