Julia shares her story of becoming a part of her forever family.

I was adopted when I was small. I lived with a foster family for a short while. I have contact with my eldest sister by letter. She sounds so lovely and when I am older I may meet her. I have more birth sisters but have no contact with them. I would like to though. I am the youngest child in my birth family, but the eldest in the family I have now… my forever family.

I love playing sport and being with my friends who I love and miss a lot when I am away from school. I love my school and my family and I have amazing friends, some of whom are older than me. All my friends are so lovely and sometimes when things are not so great I talk to them. Obviously everyone feels sad in their lives, even a non-adopted person, and it’s really important you can talk to someone you trust about how you feel.

I am glad I am adopted. Although adoption brings with it feelings of loss, sadness, anger and many, many more feelings, it also brings great joy and happiness to everyone involved. My parents were given a chance to have a child they otherwise couldn’t have, my biological parents tried to rebuild their lives and I was given a chance to have a happier life. I would like to say thank you to my family for adopting me and for being the best ever. I love them so much. They have changed my life so much for the better, I could never describe how much.

When I am older, maybe when I am a granny, after I have been a policewoman and a mummy and a sailing instructor for disabled children, I would like to be a foster mum and be able to give other children another chance in life like I was given. I think it is a lovely thing to do as children also have feelings which are valid and should be recognised and every child deserves to be loved no matter who they are or what they are like. Every child is special and worth something in the world.