Fulfill the role of Registered Manager of Solihull Council Fostering Service.
Be responsible for the leadership and management of the Fostering Service, including the recruitment and retention of foster carers, as well as overseeing all assessments and support for connected person carers.
Lead work in the relevant service area with stakeholders and partners to deliver service improvements.
Be accountable for ensuring the highest professional standards and professional conduct.
Be accountable for the effective management of resources including delegated budgets and staff.


• To be accountable for the performance of the team to ensure that the service provided is of consistent good quality, and delivers positive outcomes.
• Scrutinise performance data and devise and implement effective and timely improvement plans.
• Help shape and influence an environment which enables excellent practice by setting high standards and motivating others to do the same, and challenge poor practice.
• Demonstrate robust decision making and leadership that encourages others to be autonomous workers and able to identify strength based solutions.
• Ensure that systems are in place to collate and report relevant performance data
• Supervise the practice and decision-making of staff.
• Ensure that practitioners are ambitious for children and their carers and that the long-term consequences of decisions are considered at all stages of planning and review, and in consultation with children and carers.
• To ensure that all work is carried out in accordance with agreed plans, legal requirements, and directorate policies and procedures.
• Closely monitor approved foster carers ensuring that concerns are quickly identified and addressed.
• Recognise the strengths and development needs of practitioners, and use practice observation, reflection and feedback mechanisms, including the views of children and families and carers, to develop practice.
• Take a lead role in work with stakeholders and partners to share expertise on fostering and influence respectful and effective partnership working.
• Promote the active participation of children, young people, their parents, foster carers and families.
• Contribute and support the development of practice, procedure and policy – and ensure fostering procedures and foster carer handbook are regularly updated.
• To manage cash limited delegated budgets and meet financial regulation in ways that demonstrates value for money and makes best use of informal and community based resources.
• Implement effective strategies for ensuring throughput of work and ensure the effective allocation and prioritisation of your own work and that of individual’s across your area of responsibility.
• Facilitate team meetings and participate in Directorate meetings, working groups and other organisational meetings as required.
• To be a champion for the rights of people of protected characteristic groups and be committed to addressing discrimination in all its forms and promote equality, inclusion and diversity in practice and in strategic decision-making.
• To lead the professional development of the team and be responsible for the recruitment and retention of staff within the team.
• Direct line management of team members ensuring high levels of performance, workforce planning and identification of talent.
• To ensure that staff have appropriate professional development opportunities and access to professional advice and support as required.
• To manage a delegated budget within the team’s Cost Centre and ensure compliance with Financial Regulations and Best Value principles.
• To carry out all delegated decision making in accordance with policy, procedures, standing orders and relevant budget legislation and statutory requirements.
• Ensure appropriate and approved equipment is used and maintained within the team.
• Ensure the team follows the agreed internal protocol for the use of the building including agile working, parking etc.

Any other appropriate duties as and when required

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