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Gloucestershire County Council Fostering Service is looking for self-motivated, organised and flexible Social Workers to work on a freelance / independent basis. This is an opportunity to:

• complete fostering assessments in respect of mainstream foster carers (CoramBAAF Form F assessments), or
• complete assessments of kinship carers (Regulation 24 assessments using the South West hybrid assessment form), or
• complete SGO assessments, or
• use your skills as an experienced fostering practitioner to carry out fostering investigations.

Duties for assessing prospective foster carers or kinship carers and carrying out all tasks in respect of the assessment include:
• Completion of the relevant assessment within agreed timescales (usually within 8–12 weeks of the date of allocation).
• Ensuring that the applicants have completed a medical declaration of health and that all DBS checks and statutory checks are completed.
• Referees to be interviewed and report of the interviews submitted to Fostering Panel.
• Contact former partners, verifying current employment details and seeking references from school(s) attended by applicant’s children.
• All members of the household to be spoken with individually and on their own about the fostering task and their views recorded.
• Evidence that Fairness and Diversity issues have been explained with all members of the household and any training needs identified.
• Completion of all relevant audits, policies, questionnaires and forms with the carer(s) as required.
• Maintaining ongoing recording during the course of the assessment.
• Attending regular reflective supervision sessions with a Gloucestershire County Council fostering manager.
• Presentation of completed assessment to Gloucestershire Fostering Panel.
• Undertaking a handover visit with the Fostering Social Worker allocated to take over the ongoing support of the applicants if approved.

Duties in respect of fostering investigations include:
• Completion of the relevant investigation / Standards of Care report within agreed timescales (usually 8 weeks from allocation).
• Collating information from foster carers, children and young people and involved professionals as required by the investigation.
• Checking through the records for any history of patterns of behaviour similar to those which have been reported.
• Offering a view about the carer(s) suitability to foster and what training or adaptations should be made.
• Attending Fostering panel when this matter is considered.
• Attending regular reflective supervision sessions with a Gloucestershire County Council fostering manager.

To undertake this role with us, we will expect you to be able to demonstrate:

  • Front line experience as a qualified and registered social worker.
  • Knowledge of the Fostering Services (England) Regulations 2011, Fostering Services National Minimum Standards 2011 and Special Guardianship Regulations 2016.
  • The enthusiasm to develop relationships with foster carers and be able to assess their ability to successfully care for children and young people.
  • Adequate levels of insurance.
  • Professional standards and supervision, where required.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Excellent assessment and analytical skills with the ability to meet Court and panel deadlines.
  • All of your social work activity is compliant with national guidance, legislation and Gloucestershire County Council policies and procedures.
  • Confidentiality is maintained at all times relating to work issues and within the duties of the post.
  • All confidential information in your home is held in a secure way in line with GDPR legislation and safe from damage by fire or water.
  • Awareness of Gloucestershire County Council’s policies on anti-discriminatory practice and to demonstrate an understanding of these.
  • Provision of two professional references and an up-to-date CV.

This job description does not purport to cover all aspects of the job holder’s duties but is intended to be indicative of the main areas of responsibility

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