Hope Fostering

Hope Fostering are looking for an enthusiastic and committed person to undertake the role of Supervising Social Worker (a full time post with the option of job sharing). We are a small independent agency, committed to providing a high quality fostering service for local children in need.

1. The supervising social worker (SSW) will be responsible for the supervision, management, support, development, recruitment and retention of foster carers. The SSW will provide foster carers with a high level of support which enables them to give the best possible outcomes to the children and young people placed with HOPE Fostering.

2. The SSW will contribute to the outcomes for looked after children in the care of Local Authorities through the application of sound social work practice that incorporates child-focussed activities in line with national and local best practice guidelines and regulations.

3. The SSW will contribute towards placement stability via continuous assessment of each placement in collaboration with the allocated social worker and other professionals, utilising a multi-disciplinary approach.

4. The SSW will be expected to visit foster carers on a regular basis (2, 3 or 4 weekly dependent on the needs of the placement) with at least one unannounced visit each year. The visits will be recorded and will identify strengths and areas to be developed for the foster carers, as well as the recording of notifiable events. The visits will ensure that the principles of safe caring are being applied, as well as maintaining up-to-date risk assessments. Each month, a monthly monitoring form is completed for all children and young people in placement and forwarded to the Local Authority.

5. The SSW will participate, where required, in the presentation of training for foster carers and in the recruitment of foster carers that will be able to meet the varied needs of the children looked after.

6. The SSW will participate in an out of hours’ duty rota that provides advice and support to foster carers and identifies emergency placements if required.

7. The SSW will undertake initial enquiry visits to prospective foster carers, assessments of prospective foster carers and present to panel.

8. The SSW will instigate and oversee the annual foster carer reviews. This includes the updating of all statutory checks as and when required.

9. The SSW will produce timely reports of a high standard for case conferences, LAC Reviews, or any other meetings as required.

10. The SSW will attend and contribute to placement stability meetings, strategy meetings, disruption meetings and foster carers reviews.

11. The SSW will attend team meetings, foster carer support groups, and participate in team development.

12. The SSW will prepare for and attend supervision and an annual appraisal and carry out the agreed actions. He /s he will be responsible for their own professional development and maintaining their HCPC registration.

13. The SSW will undertake such other duties as may be required by, or on behalf of, the Team Manager or the Operations Manager, provided they fall within the range and scope of duties of the post as set out above and are commensurate with the grade of the post.


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