Please note membership of the committee is by invitation / nomination only.

Aims and purpose of the committee

  • Facilitate understanding and the interchange of information amongst social workers concerned with adoption, fostering and child care practice.
  • Provide opportunities for social workers to inform and influence policy, government legislation and guidance.
  • Promote multi-disciplinary, evidence based and anti-discriminatory social work to improve standards in family placement and child care practice.
  • Recommend campaigning issues and considers and comments on the relevance of CoramBAAF publications, practice notes, consultancy etc.


The group meets three times a year: February, April, June and October. It is chaired by Carole Sykes, Operations Manager, Adoption and Permanence Team, East Sussex County Council.

Membership of the committee

You must be a member of CoramBAAF to be eligible to be nominated to join the committee.

How can I find out more about this committee?

Please contact

Members can read the minutes of the committee meetings here.