Ellen Broomé

Foster Care Fortnight 2023

Ellen Broomé talks us through what you can expect from CoramBAAF over the next couple of weeks in support of Foster Care Fortnight™.

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Foster carers making their voices heard – we should listen

James Bury reflects on his visit to number 10 Downing Street. He attended a reception, along with Emma Fincham and our Foster Carers Advisory Committee, to celebrate the work of foster carers from across the country.

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Charmaine Orchard

Meet Charmaine Orchard

Emma Fincham met with Charmaine Orchard, chair of CoramBAAF's Fostering Advisory Committee, to talk about her new role. They talk about Charmaine's work, Foster Care Fortnight™ and this year's theme #fosteringcommunities.

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The diary of a Fostering Consultant during Foster Care Fortnight

Emma Fincham shares what she has been up to throughout Foster Care Fortnight. The past two weeks have provided many occasions for celebration in addition to bringing into sharp focus some of the dilemmas foster carers face.

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No typical care story: How do care-experienced young people and foster carers understand fostering relationships?

In the UK, foster care is the main way of looking after children in care with 70% of the 104,000 looked after population living either with strangers (54%) or relatives or friends (16%). As 85% of the 70,000 or so placements are classified as long-stay, long-term foster care is clearly a lived reality for most young people in the care system (Department for Education and National Department for Statistics, 2020).

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