EU funded vert logoAlmost 200,000 unaccompanied migrant children sought asylum in Europe since the surge in arrivals of refugees and migrants in 2015.

The Fostering Across Borders (FAB) project aimed to improve and expand the quality of family-based care for unaccompanied migrant children (UMC) with dedicated foster carers trained and supported specifically in the issues and challenges affecting UMC; and to establish the highest standards of care and protection provided to children.

The European Commission co-funded this 20 month project, which brings together organisations from six EU member states: UK, Austria, Belgium, Greece, Luxembourg and Poland. 

CoramBAAF and Coram Children’s Legal Centre lead the work in the UK on an international fostering project managed by IOM, the UN Migration Agency.

attendees at FAB
Attendees at the first FAB workshop, hosted by CoramBAAF


The project partners:

  • Worked with relevant regulated providers of foster care services to strengthen their ability to recruit and support families to foster UMC
  • Adapted appropriate training for fostering services and carers to equip them with the knowledge to provide safe and effective family care for UMC
  • Engaged with UMC to ensure foster care arrangements meet their needs and promote this model to families interested in fostering.


  • Mapping and analysing the current training materials in the six EU member states and carrying out a training needs assessment of fostering providers
  • Adapting existing training materials for social workers and families
  • Supporting professionals working with UMC to promote recruitment/retention of carers
  • Engaging with UMC to produce relevant materials raising awareness of their circumstances and needs
  • Delivering relevant training to using a train-the-trainer approach.

MaterialsCaring for Unaccompanied Migrant Children: A foster carer training manual


  • Increased numbers of FC recruited and supported to care for UMC with relevant skills/knowledge
  • Greater awareness amongst communities, professionals and foster care providers of the needs and circumstances of UMC.

For more information about the project please visit the IOM’s webpage.




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