Our conferences and seminars provide delegates with opportunities to learn about new developments, hear from and interact with expert speakers, and network with others with shared interests.

They are designed to meet the needs of the children's workforce and to keep workers well informed in an environment that is ever changing.

Developing early permanence for children - learning from experience CORAMBAAF SEMINAR

7 November 2018, Leeds

This seminar will highlight best practice in this area, and what needs to happen to ensure that early permanence is an option for all children where adoption is being considered. It will also consider some of the challenges in matching children, and provide guidance on managing some of the challenges local authorities and adoption agencies may experience.

Members only. Free entry for full CoramBAAF agency members. See event for more details.

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Non Violent Resistance (NVR) in fostering

17 January 2019 London

Non Violent Resistance (NVR) is a systemic family and community-based form of intervention for serious behaviour problems in young people, and is particularly helpful in relation to controlling behaviours that are harmful to the self or others.   It can be used to promote dialogue in situations where communication has broken down, and create possibilities for beginning to address a young person’s unmet needs.

Members only. Free entry for full CoramBAAF members. See event for more details.

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Similar but different - responding to the health needs of unique children.

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