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Adoption and Special Guardianship Support Fund reaches a total spend of £100M

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The Department for Education has announced that since its implementation in 2015, £100m has enabled adoptive and special guardianship families to receive high quality therapeutic support for their children. This is a significant sum of money and has benefited 38,000 families.

Many, if not most of these children will have experienced varying degrees or adversity and trauma before they were placed for adoption. This can impact in a number of ways on their development and the adoptive parents can be faced with significant challenges in enabling the child to recover and settle into their new family. Adoption services have recognised this over many years and the Department of Education has actively engaged in identifying the need for support and the need for that support to be funded.

There has been much that has been learnt from the work of the fund and the services that it has enabled. This continues to be vitally important part of planning adoption and special guardianship services into the future. And it is children over the long term and for the rest of their lives who come to benefit from this.