Anna Freud Centre receives £850,000 from the National Lottery to fund UK Trauma Council supporting children and young people

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It has been announced that children’s mental health charity the Anna Freud Centre has been awarded £850,000 in National Lottery funding to help improve how sectors and communities understand and respond to the impact of trauma on children.

The money will go towards developing the UK Trauma Council, which will empower professionals and local communities in supporting children and young people exposed to different kinds of traumatic events – including single incidents as well as more complex, chronic forms of trauma such as abuse and neglect. It will be a platform for collaboration and sharing of best practice, embedding learning, training and practice to potentially transform the help children receive following trauma.

The new funding from The National Lottery Community Fund – the largest funder of community activity in the UK – will enable the development of resources and guidance that can help families, schools and professionals; provide a hub for training, learning and policy guidance; and convene a Young Persons Trauma Council.

Read the full announcement on the Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families website.

CoramBAAF's Director of Policy, Research and Development, John Simmonds, said of the announcement:

Trauma has become a well-recognised issue that can have profound and long lasting consequences for any individual or group of individuals  subject to a sudden experience where their safety and survival come under threat.  This may be specific incidents such as the Manchester arena bombing or the Grenfell Tower fire or repeated exposure to significant threats as is commonly recognised for children who are abused. 

The Big Lottery’s award of funding to the UK Trauma Council at the Anna Freud Centre is a major development in establishing a robust policy and practice framework and related materials that will enhance our understanding of the core issues and how these might be effectively addressed in enabling recovery of every person subject to trauma experiences.