BBC Radio London interviews John Simmonds of CoramBAAF on new incentives for foster carers in three London boroughs

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BBC Radio London have interviewed CoramBAAF's Dr John Simmonds OBE to get his thoughts on new incentives for foster carers being introduced by three London boroughs. Presenters Paul Ross and Penny Smith told how foster carers in Hammersmith & Fulham, Westminster, and Kensington and Chelsea are to have their council tax paid as part of a new incentive to encourage more foster carers to come forward, during the interview on 3 September. Responding to the news, Dr John Simmonds OBE, Director of Policy, Research and Development at CoramBAAF Adoption and Fostering Academy, explained that 8,000 more foster carers are needed across England. He emphasised that whilst the primary incentive to become a foster carer is "about welcoming a child who is probably in really difficult circumstances into your family", the cost of London living makes this a "very necessary" added incentive. Listen to the full interview by clicking on the link below (drag the cursor to 6.25am):